Thursday, 16 December 2010

rAveN CoStUme pROjecT

The poster I was working on a few posts ago was for the festival I later performed in. The character was that of a ravenoid figure, something I wanted to make quite feral and maneuverable for creepy capacity. I aimed for something between both the bird and human form, and to be quite morbid/skeletal, as the character reflected aspects of death quite strongly in the festival. I had taken a wire outline of a pauldron I used for a previous character costume, incorporating it as a distinctly human trinket to offset the otherwise very animalistic appearance. The headdress and breastbone were to distort the human form and bring out the chest as much as possible; unfortunately no good clear photos have turned up of the details on the chest, but here is a slip of the general idea with the boney chest piece.

The finished piece, complete with masses of scraggy muslin fabrics and bindings looked something like this.

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  1. Great stuff. If yours is still intact, maybe we should get together some time and take pictures of each other's Valravn costumes... I was never quite satisfied with the ones of me from the night either.

    (I blogged about mine at )