Thursday, 16 December 2010

rAveN CoStUme pROjecT

The poster I was working on a few posts ago was for the festival I later performed in. The character was that of a ravenoid figure, something I wanted to make quite feral and maneuverable for creepy capacity. I aimed for something between both the bird and human form, and to be quite morbid/skeletal, as the character reflected aspects of death quite strongly in the festival. I had taken a wire outline of a pauldron I used for a previous character costume, incorporating it as a distinctly human trinket to offset the otherwise very animalistic appearance. The headdress and breastbone were to distort the human form and bring out the chest as much as possible; unfortunately no good clear photos have turned up of the details on the chest, but here is a slip of the general idea with the boney chest piece.

The finished piece, complete with masses of scraggy muslin fabrics and bindings looked something like this.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

ELveN rObE ProJeCT

I've had plenty of hobbies that in one way or another involve costuming and designing and fitting out of a character. I love to make clothes, though (having never attended a course, read my sewing machine manual or had some textiles jedi master knocking around) I'm not very good I still enjoy the process and even the failed experiments are fun in the doing and educational. Bog-standard clothes are all well and good to produce (though I can't say even my normal garb projects end up 'normal') but it is costuming and designing clothes for weird and wonderful purposes that get me and my sewing machine back that loving feeling. It is the process of using texture, colour, lines and motion and all the little details that go into costuming to portray a character that I find so much fun. Having said that, the only image I have of my current project is one of the many relatively plain under layers of the intended final robe.

The style of the dress/robe is for high fantasy elven nobility... type thingie. She has a back story and all the gubbins but I shan't bore you with it here. The concept sketches for the full costume will follow with more parts as they get reeled off but what with the festive season, this character concept is taking a bit of a back seat to other craft projects.

Phew, its been ages since I updated. So many things to add, but bed first.