THe FeRreT bEhiNd ThE sUiT...

Or the girl behind the ferret, behind the girl suit.... to be precise.

Having just graduated from the degree and feeling that new sense of intellectual freedom; I have finally decided to get down to a project that has been a long time coming. I wanted a repository for inspiration, thoughts, other prospective projects and all those little things that I write on a beer mat or bus ticket in a fit of motivation and creativity and then find a few weeks later to have been erased from this world by the great evil- The Washing Machine. I had two options; stop washing my clothes to avoid pocket (or content thereof) purging or poke some very kind (and pretty l33t) friends to help me create a place I could share most of it online. Much as the sound of no more laundry appeals, the threat of loosing friends and gaining yeast infections has lead me to the second option.

I'd go into more about who I actually am but I figure its not particularly of interest and right now, on the road, currently in a bookshop in Idaho I'm not feeling very settled and wordy. More for this bit later.