Saturday, 21 August 2010

sAmHuINN PosTER 2O10

So my current major project is a poster. It is to advertise a festival which happens on the 31st of October in Edinburgh; Samhuinn. I've done a couple of posters for the two major pagan festivals presented in processional performances by Beltane Fire Society now and have had great fun with each. I'm noticing a transition in the style and complexity of my poster designs as I've gained more experience with this media style. I've had plenty of challenges with fitting details around images, colouring such that certain points become more focal than others, attempted computer colouring (and failed) and as a result, reverted to my preferred hand to pen/paint neanderthal ways.

This poster is by far my favourite to work on. I've previously played things safe visually speaking. My last poster was relatively simple and made very bold with a segmented 'stained glass' style inking. Although I've carried on with strong black outlining of figures, I've let myself get a lot more dynamic with movement/shape/composition.

Just thought I would pop up a little sampler of Winter's Dance. Done with the inking, now on with the colour!

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  1. Oh, this is lovely! I really look forward to seeing how the finished thing turns out. :)